Download Accelerator v3.1


Increase your downloads up to 40%

Program Details

Continuing to help and amaze people is the Download Accelerator, which has been updated to a new version after 1 year of user experience. If you have dial-up, or have a slow internet connection, this is the right program for you! Download Accelerator is an intuitive software that can optimize the speed of your downloads. This program accelerates download speeds up to 40% faster compared to most other browsers! It is better for long downloads, like ones that take several hours or even unlimited simultaneous downloads!
An amazing feature of Download Accelerator is that the program does not "freeze". Users have reported that browsers like IE downloads files half way and stops. Track and open all your downloaded files like you do in Mozilla Firefox, but with almost twice its speed! Finally, this application is perfect for times when you type in a URL in your browser (for example an image file) and want to save it instead of displaying it. In this case, use Download Accelerator! Just type in the URL. Type in the file name, and download away!