Task Manager Enabler v1.0


A small utility that enables and disables Task Managers without administrator privileges.

Program Details

Have you ever gone to work or school and found that Task Manager was disabled when a program froze up on your computer? Not anymore! With Task Manager Enabler, you can enable Task Manager that if it is disabled on your PC.

Our program can also disable Task Managers. Using an external script, our program can disable or enable the Task Manager in seconds by copying and generating a file next to the application itself using “e.dl” and “d.dl” to make two other files called “enable task manager.vbs” and “disable task manager.vbs” which are ran to make the program work.

When you’re done using Task Manager Enabler, click the special “Close” button so that our program can delete the traces of those 2 files mentioned above. Keep this program handy in your flash drive for a quick geek’s tech fix when you need it or when someone else needs you! Give Task Manager Enabler a try to see what it's really capable of!