Voicecorder v1.0


Easily capture any sound out of your microphone or default soundcard device.

Program Details

If you’re looking for a lightweight portable sound recorder, then Voicecorder is the right program for you. Voicecorder offers small but satisfying interface about the size of a Window’s message box.

This program records any audio that is available through your computer’s default sound input. If you wish to record what you hear, simply go to your “Sound” settings in the control panel, and set the default input to “Stereo-Mix”. If you want to capture your voice, you simply need to plug in your microphone then hit the “Record” button.

You can unzip the folder, copy it to your USB flash drive, and run Voicecorder on-the-go! Playing back your recorded audio is a snap because the built-in media player capabilities let you play your previous recording.