Easy Backup Wizard v1.0


A simple and portable solution to your backing up needs.

Program Details

Easy Backup Wizard is a very lightweight Windows application designed to back up your folders with minimum configuration options. If there’s something to be praised when talking about Easy Backup Wizard, that’s definitely the interface because it makes everything so easy that even a complete rookie could take advantage of its features.

Well-organized and very clean, the interface prompts the users to select the folders to be backed up and the output folder, which can be any location on your computer or network.

What’s more, you can overwrite files that already exist, but also configure the action to be performed once the task comes to an end, with options including alerts, shutdown, log off and lock.

One of the good things about Easy Backup Wizard is that the application can also synchronize two folders, so in case you wish to create a new backup of one of the folders in the list, it only processes new files, thus providing greater speed and lower resource usage.

On the other hand, Easy Backup Wizard provides no compression and no archiving, which means it does nothing more than to copy the defined files from the source folder to the output one.

It works with a moderate amount of hardware resources, running just fine regardless of the Windows version installed on your computer.

All in all, Easy Backup Wizard is an interesting piece of software, but it still needs a bunch of enhancements, including tools supposed to customize the backup process.