MyBar v1.0


A truly customizable dock for anyone who wishes to speed up their productivity.

Program Details

Ever get tired of your native PC dock? MyBar can replace or replicate any built-in dock. MyBar is almost the only one free customizable dock you can find anywhere. This program saves you time by simplifying your tasks with shortcuts. In addition, the complimentary background music player feature soothes you out of your stressful day.

This simple and intelligent interface lets you customize the look of the program. The useful "Dock Window" button puts the main window back to dock position. You can assign up to 6 changeable shortcut files, documents, pictures, or programs to the MyBar Dock. Moreover, a nice feature retains settings of all your configurations so that the program opens up the same way every time you close it.

Interchangeable program configurations allow you export your settings into a file that lets you share with your friends. Also, you can import a settings file from your friends by simply double clicking on it. MyBar is there when you need it and hidden when you don't. MyBar could increase your productivity up to 20%.

With MyBar, you are in charge and your PC is your servant. Inspired by the HP Dock on Vista and Windows 7, it is best for Windows XP users, who don't have a customizable dock yet also good for Vista and Windows 7 users who like their dock but want a customizable one. Give MyBar a try to see what it's really capable of!