USB Desktop Lock v1.0


A simple yet very secure program that locks up your PC and unlocks it using any specified USB Flashdrive.

Program Details

USB Desktop Lock is an ultimate solution for locking your computer without a password! With this program, you just stick in the USB flashdrive, open the Main window, browse for your flashdrive, and pull it out to lock up your computer!

USB Desktop Lock is a very intuitive interface that allows you to turn any USB flashdrive into a "key" to unlock your computer. To unlock your computer just plug in your flashdrive, and your PC will unlock immediately while retaining all your opened windows. This program is strongly based on the Windows Desktop Lock program. When it locks up, all your open windows and all the tabs on your taskbar are hidden.

With USB Desktop Lock, passwords are no longer a problem for you because you simply stick in the USB to unlock the PC and pull it out to lock up the PC. We have added many features that make this program slightly differ from the Windows Lock program such as the ability to not only disable Task Manager, but the ability to kill Task Manager and all the new programs you start while under lockdown. USB Desktop Lock is very secure and works best if you set it to run at startup.

Many tests show that the security of this tool is even more securing that the native Windows Logon. Because our strong interface, even hackers and other computer experts may find it impossible to bypass this program without going into the bios.

As an exclusive extra feature, you can't even turn off the computer unless you pull the plug, and if you own a laptop then you can't even pull the plug nor power it down, which means that USB Desktop Lock is very user friendly with laptops. Give USB Desktop Lock a try to see what it's really capable of!