JPEG Finalizer v1.0


A tool that compresses and optimizes your photos ensuring speed and reliability.

Program Details

Have you ever gone to a photo print shop just to find out that your "Photoshop modifications" or "photo corrections" didn't work out on the kiosk.

Today, many print stores have old kiosks and machines which omit the latest version of your photo files. The machines, by default, would take the original photos and print them rather than honor your observations.

JPEG Finalizer fixes that problem by optimizing and finalizing your photos to ensure that all machines read the image YOU expect it to. In addition, this program compresses image files with lossless quality, so you can drop a few GB in data storage.

JPEG Finalizer allows you to easily optimize your JPEG photos and instantly Drag-and-Drop files into professional interface.

Here are some key features of "JPEG Finalizer":
Multi-File support
Drag and Drop Files
Lossless Quality Image Compression
Smaller File Sizes for email and web
Upload photos to Face book faster!
Finalizes Photoshop and Paint.NET images
Removes "Backup Copy" inside a JPEG
Save list of your Photos
Simple and Easy to use